Prayer & Praying - The Essential Bundle

Prayer & Praying - The Essential Bundle

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This Bundle of 16 pamphlets and booklets cover the concept of Prayer. As the First action of the Spiritual Life: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving, the Holy Fathers call Prayer the hardest occupation for Humanity and the only one which makes us Truly Human.

The Holy Fathers on Prayer

A brief collection of insights from some great teachers...

Prayer - The Breath of the Soul

A Word from the Metropolitan on Prayer

On Prayer, from the Letters of Bp. Theophan the Recluse

On Prayer, from the Alphabetalphabetos of St. Meletios

On the Lord’s Prayer

Introduction to the Jesus Prayer

The Jesus Prayer & The Prayer Rope

The Divine Liturgy with Prayers of Preparation and Thanksgiving

Selected Orthodox Prayers

Prayers of a Woman with Child

Children & Prayer

Fathers on Proper Worship

Observations on Congregational Chanting during the Divine Services

Prayer without Kneeling